Nithila is a elven healer and ranger hailing from the Moonwood forest. She craved a life of adventure and so when she was old enough she left her home. Her training as a healer and ability to hold her own made her a valuable asset to any group of adventurers. She evenutally made her way to the Kingdom of Corymr and during the time of Ashrals control over Lathland there were plenty of small skirmishes along the borders. She made a name for herself and worked closely with the Purple Dragons in the region.

It was here that she came into contact with Archer (Malcolm Arterius) and his group of adventurers. She was initially helping the solders at a border outpost when Prospero needed medical attention after an ambush. Later the group hired her as a guide to get them across the Stormhorn mountains and through the marshes on the other side.

She stayed with the group until they reached the town of Loudwater then she left to find other, more profitable jobs.


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