Ki-rin is apart of a race of aerial creatures whose hooves rarely touch the earth, for they dwell amid the clouds and behind the winds. They sometimes aid humans if the need to combat evil is great. This particular Ki-rin chose to help Archer (Malcolm Arterius) and Prospero on their journey to topple the evil god Cyrics control over the kingdom of Lathland.

He helped fiery them to the Elves of the The Forgotten Forest as well as getting the troops ready from Waterdeep. He also assisted in the battle of Sundarin, saw the destruction of Dawnbreaker, and the deaths of Archer (Malcolm Arterius), Fiory, Kenan Albren, and Talia Danwin.

When he saw that only Prospero and Myra were left he flew to their rescue and were the only three survivors from the battle. Knowing the war was lost he decieded to return to the skies and hope that in the future another may be able to take up the call.

Ki-rin was last seen atop a mountain hiding the Cyrinnishad with Prospero and Myra.


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