Archer (Malcolm Arterius)


Player: Mike
Class: Ranger
Race: Human
Weapon of Choice: Bow

Current Status: Deceased


Born to Nolan and Winter Arterius, Malcolm was prince and heir to the throne of Sundarin.
As Malcolm grew, he was put through a strict training as an archer. This was traditional to the house of Arterius.

Malcolm was raised to worship the god Lathander. Through Lathander’s temple he met Myra, a young priestes who’s skills were above all others in the temple. Myra and Malcolm fell in love, and were promised to be married.

By the command of the evil god Cyric, Sundarin was attacked. King Nolan Arterius, fell in battle. Malcolm and his mother barely escaped the city. Myra stayed to defend the temple of Lathander. Before Malcolm left Myra gave him a magic ring, as symbol of their love. Malcolm vowed to return and purge the evil from his kingdom.

Malcolm and his mother then went into hiding in a small town called Harrowdale. Malcolm from that point on wore a hood and mask to conceal his identity as the one true king of Sundarin. He still practiced his archery skills every day. Growing up in the slums of Harrowdale there were not many archers in the area. That is where Malcolm gained the name of Archer.

From there Archer met with different people to form and adventuring group to start the campaign to take back his kingdom. Before his departure from Harrowdale, Archer’s mother gave him a magical bow of the house Arterius. Made from ivory and gold the Arterius Bow shot arrows of light. The bow was blessed by Lathander himself as a gift to the Arterius family, which is what gave it its magical properties.

With the power of his family in his hands, and the guidance and blessing of Lathander, Archer left to claim back what was taken from him.

Archer (Malcolm Arterius)

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