A Dance of Magicks

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 8)
A Test Failed

Prospero awoke to find himself at the Purple Dragon fort. Still reeling from his injuries from the ambush at the Inn, he slowly go out of bed. There was a thick fog and a sound of emptiness everywhere. As he walked through the camp, everyone was frozen in place. He went to the commanders office, and the same thing has happened. Noticing a candles flame on the desk he reached out to touch it. A feeling of a cool, smooth glass is what met his fingers. Then a sound came from outside. It was the only sound he has heard since he awoke. He went outside and the sound was coming from the forest. He ventured into the forest, beckoning the sounds call. He came across a clearing and in the middle stood a pedestal holding a thick book.

He approached and opened the book. Inside lay knowledge of all the known spells. He studied the book and focused on one of the spells. As soon as he read it, he learned how to use the spell. A giant spider appeared and started to attack him. Using his new knowledge he tried out these new abilities. However, he failed to conquer the beast and was slain. As Prosperos last breath of life left his body, a sudden jolt awoke him and he was now standing next to the pedestal. The spider formed again and Prospero tried a second time. And again he failed.

After several attempts he finally was able to burn the spider to ash with a strong fire spell. Prospero watched as the ashes fell to the ground. “That’s a strong one. You’ll be able to do plenty of damage to someone with that.”

Prospero turned to find a young man dressed in black standing there. It was Cyric. He offered to give Prospero all of the magical knowledge in the book as well as a kingdom to rule and to bring back Saffron, bringing his ambitions to life. All this in exchange for killing Archer (Malcolm Arterius) and bringing the sword Dawnbreaker to the capital of Sundarin. Prospero said he would, but Cyric could sense the hesitation.

Cyric decieded to test Prospero. He asked if he could really do it when the time comes. Prospero blinked and saw Archer about to execute .. .. But Prosperos true colors shown and he wasn’t able to go though it. Cyric knew that his agent was no longer of use so he took his wand back. All of the knowledge from the book.. gone. And Saffron still lay dead. Due to this forceful ripping of power, Prospero was marked with chaotic lines running down his arms.

Screaming from the pain, Prospero awoke with a cold sweat back at the Purple Dragon fort. His wand gone. His time with the book on the pedestal now lost all details and was only a fog.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 7)
A Jump Ahead

We last left our adventurers on The Songbird headed to Suzail. During the voyage boredom and the group was desperate for some action. Prospero danced with Saffron. Maewin made a friend with one of the sailors by gambling and smoking. Fiory, Talia Danwin, and Prospero investigated the cargo hold looking for anything suspicious. They found the usual merchant wares along with a crate of many black robes. They suspected Cyric worshipers. Talia and Prospero knew they had to leave before getting caught. Firoy needed to stay and see if she could find anything else that was of importance. Doing so got her caught and was believed to be stealing from the ship. She was punished by lashes and chained for the rest of the journey. Other than a large shadow in the ocean spotted by Archer (Malcolm Arterius) the rest of the trip was uneventful. When they reached Suzail the captain made a deal with the group to not turn Fiory in to the authorities in exchange for some gold. They accepted.

Once in the city they needed supplies and cash. When looking for some work they decided to help a farmer with some monsters ruining his land. They helped for a week, killed some monsters, broke a door, and tried to make a corpse scarecrow. After getting little money for this work they then tried the local Adventurers Guild for more lucrative jobs. They then set out to clear some tombs that other adventurers failed to return from. A dwarf accompanied them to help with this quest. Once inside they cleared rooms, found traps, fought monsters bravely. They secured a room and made camp for a night. During the night they heard moaning. Interrupting their sleep they made the decision to investigate immediately rather than resting. They followed the sounds to the main chamber and found a ghost sitting atop a giant throne behind an army of undead and a few trolls. The walls turned to smoke and now the group was trapped. It was fight or die. One by one the party got thrown into the smoke walls. Archer was the last to go.

He found himself trapped in darkness, chained to the wall. His last hope was to pray to Lathander. Lathander heard his call and released him from his chains and swept away the smoke. Archer saw his friends and many more chained against the wall. On display like a museum. Now there sat a man on the throne, unaware that Archer was freed. Archer sneaked up and attacked him from behind. Setting his friends free they joined in the fray. Prospero laid the final blow. But this was not enough. By the end Talia and Maywin were dead. Desperate, they found an old man that said he could bring them back, but it was at a cost. Fiory and Prospero sacrificed apart of their life essence to bring them back. Battered and demoralized for not finding the treasure under the throne they made their way back to Suzail.

Still not receiving the treasure they wanted they pressed on towards their main goals. They left Suzail and headed north to the Kings Forest. In the Kings Forest they heard an explosion and saw a plume of smoke. They went to investigate. They came across several black cloaked men around a burning carriage. Defeating the men they then searched the burning ruble. They found money, papers, and jewelry marked with a sigil. The next day a Purple Dragon patrol came to investigate what happened. Hiding the fact that they found belongings to the man in the carriage. The Purple Dragon informed them that there had been increasing attacks by blacked cloaked men in the region and to be careful.

After several more days of travel they came to a small village to spend the night. In the middle of the night the group awoke to find several Cyric worshipers portaling in behind the Inn. They set up a strategic ambush. Prospero on the roof. Archer to the side and the rest on the opposite side. They opened fire. The worshipers were taken by surprise. Half the men split to fight the others stayed behind and started casting together. Slowly dwindling them down the party was confident of victory. Then the spell went off. A giant bold of lightning struck the Inn. Shattering the building and blowing the party into the air. The men vanished into the portal. The Party severely wounded. Saffron was still inside when it blew. She didn’t make it and there wasn’t much left. There was a Purple Dragon fort not far. They went there looking for shelter and healing. Receiving healing and having a bed the group rested for the night.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 6)
A Gods Request

The group set up camp after retreating to the forest. Archer took first watch. Then Fiory. During Fiory’s watch a patrol wandered into the area. She woke the group up and tried to sneak up. As she yelled “Are you friends or Foe?!” the patrol drew their swords. After defeating the patrol they took one captive. It was the barkeep, indoctrinated. As the group argued on if they should kill him or not, Archer took the initiative and killed him. Still tired from the days battles, the group went back to sleep. During Prosperos watch he came across a fleeing refugee. It turned out to be Saffron escaping the town with a few possessions. He convinced her to stay with the group.

As the red sun rose, Archer (Malcolm Arterius) had a vision. It was Horvan. He came to tell him about what was going on from Lathander. The book he saw was the Cyrinnishad. A book made to force convert any who read it to a follower of Cyric. The book is so powerful that even if another god reads it, they too will follow Cyric. He then told him of a Lathander temple on the high peaks of the Star Mounts in the High Forest to the west. There he will find Lathanders sword the Dawnbreaker.

“A person who is marked by Cyric and is of pure in heart will pierce the book and destroy it.”

After the vision, Horvan disappeared into the morning light. Archer told the rest of the group what he saw. They then formulated a plan to head to Scardale and head west. As they were trying to flee the outskirts of Harrowdale they encountered another patrol. Prospero tried to use his words to get past and almost succeeded, but ultimately failed. The group took care of the patrol and headed off road towards Scardale.

Several days in the wilderness, during Fiorys watch she encountered a few Kolbolds looking for food and gold. She tried to befriend them and gave them gold and food. They eventually left and Firoy was sad that they didn’t stick with the group.

Once in Scardale they made plans to sail to Suzail in the land of Cormyr and then make their way in the wilderness to the High Forest. They gathered some supplies and headed towards their ship. The Songbird. A merchant ship that was also taking on passengers.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 5)
A Threat Revealed

The group started at the temple early in the morning. They gathered their things with a few more potions. A plan to get more information about the imposter Councilman was in motion. Through Saffron. They made their way to the inn. Prospero was chosen to talk to her and convince her to join the plot. He paid for some of her time and went up stairs. The rest of the group stayed downstairs. Prospero tried to get information but didn’t make the sale. Fiory, a little impatient, went upstairs to talk to Saffron. Seeing he was failing,Prospero let Fiory give it a try. Fiory had the same luck as Prospero, but since she knew Saffron wasn’t going to budge she used the rest of the time paid for. It was good.

As the rest of the group waited for Fiory to finish her business, a bells rung through out the town. A search has begun. The imposter Councilman as issued the arrest of the real Councilman as well as Archer (Malcolm Arterius), Prospero, and Fiory. The group quickly split up. Archer, Propsero, Maewin, Horvan, and the Councilman escaped through the back and headed towards Archers house through the small woods nearby. Talia Danwin stayed to watch as the guards came and took Fiory out of Saffrons arms and into a jail cell. Talia made her way casually to Archers house to meet up with the group.

Archer, realizing there was no way out for him, gave his possessions to Maewin and went to turn himself in. Prospero also chose to be taken. Maewin, Horvan, the Councilman and Talia convened at Archers house to formulate a plan. At the jail cell the three waited in their cells. The imposter Councilman walks in and goes to speak to Archer. Archer has made his job easy he said. Now he is able to tie up all the loose ends to the crown, as he was Ashral in disguise. He will enjoy seeing him suffer before his death.

Several hours pass. The group at Archers house has come up with a plan to try and save their friends. Just after they are leave, a group of guards comes to Archers house and takes his family by force. They lead them to the top of the guard house. The three prisoners are led up to the roof as well. Dark rain clouds roll in. Archer sees his family chained kneeling across from him. His child hood love, Myra, walks onto the roof. She is holding a large tome. She kneels before Archers family and makes them read out of the book. They all swear to the true god, Cyric.They then walk down the stairs.

The Captain of the Guard runs up the stairs. He is surprised of the Councilmans actions. He can not do this. With his guard down the Imposter Councilman is able to stab in the weak part of the armor, piercing the heart of the Captain. He then kicks the Captain off the roof. I hope you enjoy seeing your town burn, he says to Archer as he floats off the building.

A large explosion comes from the ruins. A green glow emanates from that area. The town is in panic. The guards try to organize a defense against the coming Cyric army. Myra is last seen converting the citizens of the town with the tome. The group then gathers their things and try to make their way to the temples. Along the way they are stopped by the battle. A tough fight ensues. The town guard could not hold up to forces brought on by the cult. As a result, Horvan gets surrounded and is executed. The group is forced to retreat back into the forest.

They take a look back at the town, seeing the town engulfed in a green fog and hearing screams of the innocent dying in the distance.

Setting up camp was quiet.

No one spoke.

Archer took first watch, only thinking of his family,

… .. and his love.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 4)
A Close Call

In the morning the group assembled at Archer (Malcolm Arterius) house. They talked about searching the ruins in town. Archers mother overheard the conversation. It was now time for her to give him a family bow. Underneath the floorboards she lifted a box up and handed it to Archer. Inside as an ivory bow with golden flourishing and their family sigil etched in the front. The string was thin and glimmered in the light. He thanked her and left. The group recruited Horvan to come with them.

Maewin decided to stay in town for this one and left the group to adventure on their own today. At the ruins they eventually found a locked cellar door leading to a basement level. Inside they found dusty rooms, worn by time. At the heart of the complex they found a dining hall with several warriors. Prospero jumped into the fray and became surrounded. He fell fast. The rest poured into the room. Horvan went to help Prospero but got overwhelmed and fell. Then Talia Danwin got surrounded and fell, bleeding to death. Archer and Fiory slowly and barely picked off the group and survived. Through potions they revived Prospero, but Talia and Horvan could not be woken.

They interrogated one of the warriors they didn’t kill. He revealed that there were only a few more left and didn’t know who they were or what they were doing. He was just the cook for these men. Archer then executed him. In the last room they needed to clear for this level another mage raised some more zombies to slow their pursuit and give him time. The group dealt with them and continued the chase. In the second level they found barracks, and a full temple of Cyric being established. In the final chamber the three of them found a giant red dragon staring right back at them. Trying to talk to it and failing they argued amongst themselves on what to do about it. After several minuets Fiory saw through the illusion and realized there was no dragon.

Convincing Archer and Prospero to enter the room they made their way inside. Prospero broke free of the Illusion and saw the truth. There was a several men struggling at the far end of the room with an open portal. Fiory and Prospero went to attack the mage. Archer still believing there was a dragon was under the Illusion that he was eaten by the dragon. Prospero was met with some magical fire. Firoy wounded the mage releasing Archer from the spell. Archer then Shot into the portal. The mage then realized who he was. Malcom Artureus. Fiory got the middle guy fighting to go through the portal to saftey. He is the Councilman. The portal closed as the mage escaped.

The councilman had been kidnapped right when he learned of his kids had gone missing. Prospero found a wand in the room. He chose Frost. The group rejoined their fallen comrades. One more potion had revived Horvan, but Talia is confirmed dead. Horvan and Archer start to pray to Lathander for a second chance. By a miracle a light shown through the rock onto Talia. Lathander graced her and brought her back, fully healed. The group went back into town under the cover of night and stayed at the temple, keeping the councilman hidden.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 2)
An Informant at the Dinner Party

The group left the cave to look for Patricia. As they were walking down the path, they saw another group up ahead. They cautiously approached except Talia. She charged them. Prospero took Alex off the path for safety. Talia slowed and they realized they were another search party from town and had found Patricia. They were on their way back to town. They group went back with them trusting that Prospero would lead Alex back to the path…. he didn’t. Prospero and Alex, however, got lost and eventually found their way to Velarsburg. They spent the night in an inn. The group back in Harrowdale waited but no one came. Maewin went back into the forest to look. She didn’t find anything and stayed the night there. Archer (Malcolm Arterius) and Talia Danwin made camp on the edge of town. Talia took first watch and fell asleep almost instantly.

In the morning, Archer woke up to the sight of sunlight. Realizing that Talia fell asleep on watch, he got up and slapped her. The Elf headed back into town. Prospero and Alex got up, had breakfast, and went back to Harrowdale via the road. Archer and Prospero met on the road and they took Alex straight to the town guard. They were then invited to join the Councilman and his family with other nobles at his estate for a party celebrating the return of his kids.

At the party Archer and Prospero met a woman named Andrea. She was new to the area but had some new information regarding who Cyric worshipers are, and what had happened in the West. They agreed to join up and search for more hideouts int the morning. Prospero took a strong drink and passed out. After the party they went to Archers house to stay the night. Talia took one look at this shack and left the group to sleep in her own home.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 3)
A Light Revealed

Our adventurers started the morning off with a hangover. They slowly got their things together and made their way to the forest roads. Maewin went to Talia Danwin house and left a note explaining were they went. On the road they met up with Andrea. She had noticed wagon tracks leading into the forest. They group followed. Hacking their way through rough brush, they came upon a hole in the ground leading to another cave.

Inside they found three passageways. The first led to a locked door. The second one they tried led to a door. They heard voices and decided to breach the door. When the door flew open they saw nothing but a wall of darkness.

They bravely entered to find themselves fighting several zombies. After several moments they finished off the zombies. The room was sparse. There was only a bloody chair with bindings. They hear scuffling back where they came from. Giving chase they find an armored warrior, and two identical looking elf women. One of them is tied up, the other is casting spells. The warrior knocks the tied up elf out and turns towards the group. The ground rumbles and an army of zombies rise from the ground. The group starts to fall one by one. The tied up elf wakes up and tries to help the group.

Archer (Malcolm Arterius) senses the end is close and starts to retreat. Picking up his fallen party-mates he makes his way back to the room they were just in. He hears a loud crash. A blinding light comes from behind. He turns to see the zombies disintegrate the warrior fall and the girl hit in the head by a large towering man. The man bent over the dead girl and showed the mages true form.

Horvan is his name. A cleric of Lathander. He healed the group. Once up they wanted to clear the rest of the cave. The found an alter to Cyric, and living quarters with a map pointing to the ruins in Harrowdale. The new elf, Fiory, found her belongings and went with the group back to town. They rested and Prospero went to the Inn. Archer felt compelled to tell his family history with the group at this time.

Archer was not his real name. He is actually Malcom Arturius, the heir to the kingdom of Lathland. His father was betrayed and Cyric worshipers took control of the kingdom. Cyric worshipers rose an army of undead and stormed the capital. Archer and his mother fled the city leaving his childhood love behind. Her name was Myra and it was expected that one day they would get married and take the crown together. She was a priestess in the church of Lathander and stayed behind to help protect the temple. She gave him her ring to never forget her. He last saw the city being overrun with the undead. He has been in hiding ever since.

A Dance of Magicks: The Broken Kingdom (Part 1)
The Adventure Begins...

It all begin in the morning. The city councilman’s children are late for returning from a trip to a small town north of Harrowdale, Velarsburg. News spread through out the town. The Councilman asked for aid to search the route and find his kids. Our heroes for this tale volunteered their help. Archer (Malcolm Arterius), who comes from a poor dock worker family, met a fellow outcast. Prospero, an ex-slave half-elf living on the streets, and Archer went to the town center to see how they can help. Archer seeing a very suspicious elf woman in the back of the crowd, decided to draw his bow to confront this potential threat. Not thinking the situation through Archer found himself surrounded by guards. They let him off with a warning.

Prospero, Archer, The elf woman, Maewin, was also grouped with another woman wanting a life of adventure. Talia Danwin was from a growing merchant family in town. They were all briefed on the situation and headed north of town to look for the children. The group split up. The women went into the forest while the men tracked near the river. After spending several hours looking and not finding anything, Archer and Prospero went into the forest looking for the two women. The two women searched the forest and didn’t find anything. After several hours of searching they heard a scream in the distance. As they converged on the scream the group reunited.

The now found themselves in front of a cave. A girl comes running out of the cave screaming. The group stops her and trys to talk to her. She is the Councilman’s daughter, Patricia, and she says that her and her brother were ambushed. They were taken to a cave and she last saw her brother fall through solid rock in the cave. .. .. And there was a dragon inside. Talia stays outside with Patricia while the rest go scout the cave. Inside they see a fire drake. After defeating the drake, they start searching the cave.

They find a mutilated corpse. Prospero gets Patricia to try and ID the body. This does not go over well. After emotionally scarring her, they find magical etching on the cave wall. Turns out its a hidden passageway. Talia keeps Patricia behind as they venture into the Mages lair. Once inside they notice a boy tied up next to a pool of water on one end of the cave. With their attention drawn away, a mage sneaks up to Archer and gives him a shocking grasp on the shoulder. Another Mage shows up and summons a Zombie to help. They group eventually takes care of this with Talias help entering the passage. Leaving Patricia unattended.

The dust settles and the group searches the cave. Finding some loot, letters of a much larger operation in the area, and a Holy book of Cyric. They freed Alex, the Councilman’s son, and realized that Patricia is missing. They gather their things and set out to find her again.


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